Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Springride Testimonials

J Gurvidi - Bath - "All really great, if I had to do it again I would use Springride" (25mm Chippings)

R Harvey - Surrey - "Great, really great, useable all year round, drainage excellent in winter and keeps dust down in summer" (25mm Chippings)

E Hird - Hants " Fantastic product, definitely bought from the right place, have been able to use the arena all year round" (Springride Shred)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Testimonials - Springride Surfaces

Here is a selection of customer comments from our annual
Customer Surveys. All are genuine. If you would like to speak to a customer in
your area or see a surface in situ then please contact us.

Email Testimonial from Kerry W- early 2002. Kerry purchased Springride again for another school in 2007.
"I am absolutely delighted that I chose Springride
Shred to put on my new menage. It has been down
for 8 months and is
absolutely zero maintenance. It
doesn't track at all; even after jumping
quite a few
horses through the same grid repeatedly over a few
days there
were no deep spots on take-off or landing
- in fact, when I move the jumps
it is impossible
to tell where they have been. It drains 100%, the
horses ride on top of it and feel totally secure, it
doesn't flick up
off the horses feet to hit the boards
and spook them. I am backing my
youngster with
total confidence, no slipping or tripping, whatever
does. The older horses will come down to a big
fence with total confidence,
and land lightly - it isn't
at all holding. Even when a horse is being
really silly
and cornering like a motorbike it is secure and safe,
doesn't slide away from their hooves. I am also
using it for turnout and
they really enjoy themselves
on it, bucking and whizzing about happily and
jumping the show-jumps for fun! that’s a first!
From Kerry
Weisselberg, Staffs.

Springride Shred
Ms Nicholas - Kent- “We had struggled with a sand only school for a couple of years before discovering your amazing product in 02! I was used to having a school that I spent more time levelling than riding on! Your rubber DOES sit on top of my sand and doesn’t need levelling. It never gets deep, never moves under the horse & doesn’t flood. Since we put Springride down the horses feel totally confident & sure footed and their school work has come on in leaps and bounds. I spend all my time riding, not levelling!”

Mrs Hughes - Wisbech - “The best surface I have ever used!

Mrs Oldham - N Devon-"Even during the worst wet weather
in January, the arena kept dry. Going is ideal for young
horses and show jumping. I will strongly recommend”.

Mrs Day - Huntingdon - “ The surface has been superb throughout the years”.

Mr Mathews-Norwich - “Very good surface, all our livery’s and riding school clients love it, it’s nice and soft when they sometimes fall off!”

Mr Mason - Perth- “Brilliant material - minimises raking/levelling”.

Mrs Bartrup - Suffolk - “Very good surface. Rolled it a couple of times but doesn’t really need it! No tracking and rides brilliantly.”

Mr Aitkenhad - Lincs - “The surface has been absolutely fantastic, rideable in all weather, as good today as when first put down in 2001. Our horses go brilliantly on it!”

Mrs Gibson - Cambs - “Really low maintenance, Brill!

Mrs Prynne - St Austell - “Since laying, haven’t had to touch the surface.

Mrs Buck - N Marston - “The rubber shreds have been excellent, staying on top of sand, doesn’t move and gives a flat surface ideal for jumping”

Mrs Young - Bucks- “Excellent bouncy surface that hardly moves, horses love it!”

Springride 20mm Chippings

Mrs Caines - Dorset - “The rubber is excellent,!”

Mr Jennings - Herts - “Very efficient service and first class material, No Metal, Exactly as sample”

Mrs Homes - Ireland- “Fantastic - maintenance & trouble free, doesn’t degrade & still as good as new”.

Mr Langley - Blackpool- “We have been more than happy with this product”.

Mrs Dainty - Flintshire- “I was very impressed with the product and the service, would definitely order from Springride in the future”.

Mrs Sloman - Launceston - “Combined with our silica sand, it has produced a very good surface.”

Mrs Fabians - Hants- “Our surface has surpassed all expectations”.